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Coorg has been called a great many things:

Land of the brave and the beautiful. Scotland of India. Kashmir of the South. Land of generals. India’s coffee cup…
The terrain is covered by the mighty western ghat mountains. One of the world’s bio-diversity hot spots. Altitude ranges from 3000 to 6000 feet. Coffee plantations that rub shoulders with rain forests, which give birth to many rivers.

A fascinating warrior-planter culture, very unlike anything you would expect in the south of India. A handsome people, small in number, said to be of mixed Greek descent. Who are exempted from the Indian Arms Act and can carry guns without having to go through the procedure of getting a licence.

The contribution made by Coorg to the army is out of proportion to their numbers. India’s first general, Cariappa, being a Coorg, is just one of those achievements.

Coorg is a 360 degree visual spectacle. All of it is beautiful.

See Talacauvery Hill, around 4,500 ft high, with an ancient temple on top. The sacred River Cauvery originates from a little tank here. Breathtaking view of hills all around. Just 23 km from here.

  Abbey falls also known as the Abbi falls, is located about 8 km from Madikeri. To reach it you have to take a five-minute walk through coffee bushes and tall trees with pepper vines clinging to them.

Bhagamandala Temple Complex, with the junction or sangama of rivers in front. Enroute to Talacauvery, 15 km away.

Nalnad Palace, a hunting lodge used by the kings of Coorg. Quaint, ruggedly carved, wood and tile roof construction, with wall paintings inside. A scenic 25 km drive.

Tadiyendamol, the highest hill in Coorg at close to 6000 ft. Rather wild territory for serious trekkers. 26 km from here.

Kopatti Maley, a hill nearby, approximately 4, 200 ft high. An adventurous option for groups and hardy families. Trekking guides can be provided if we are informed 48 hours in advance. 8 km from here.

Madikeri itself, with its many surrounding attractions, 24 km away.

Many of the estates in Coorg have Scottish names. Names that roll off the tongue like the rain off the red tiled roofs. Names that remind you of childhood, of days gone by, when things were slow, gentle and perfect.

Dalquarren, Craigmore, Dunkeld, Glenmore . . . sometimes the semi-Indian name like Coover Colly (‘colly’ means a ‘little pond’ here). Or the local but curious names like Nari Kad, meaning Tiger’s Forest. And Karadi Gud which means Bear Cave.


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