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The rain taps on your door, drips down the windows, soaks your shoulder, drums in a beautiful rhythm on your umbrella . . . the whole environment becomes soaked.The constant pitter-patter of the rain on the roof, is a restful background sound for stressed souls from the cities.
Stand on a hill top and look down…you will see more shades of green than you thought possible. The mist clings to the grass, the clouds cling to the mountain tops and your eyes cling to the view.

Slip on a raincoat or carry an umbrella and go for a walk. Every few minutes the rain stops so you can enjoy standing in the gush of the tiny streams that spring up, run across the roads, and dive down the hillside.

Stay snug in bed, or sit in the verandah reading a book, or sipping countless cups of coffee (or tea). The weather broods through most of the day, like a deep and handsome poet.

  The sun becomes a rare sight, it does sometimes break through the cloud cover with difficulty.

Coorg in the rains is recommended for those with poetry in their souls and romance in their blood. Those few individuals who need to ‘connect’ with themselves, Nature, the divine . . . or their creativity.

A few days of cottage life in the monsoons, makes people feel so calm and rested, that they refer to it as 'Ayurveda through the eyes'. And 'Rain meditation'. Starting late June, through July and August till September are the heavy rain months in Coorg.


One of the best lifestyles in the world, even after the British Raj drew to a close in India, is that of the coffee planter.

Coorg offers a slow, quaint, old-fashioned way of life. Unbelievably far from the stress of office cubicles. Imagine, a work environment provided by Nature, not an architect. Where Whisky is your dog’s name and brandy is your evening drink.


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