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A typical Coorg plantation cottage, from the British Raj. Surrounded by estate with a valley in front. Quaintly styled, with a red tile roof and a large compound.

This cottage has been part of excitingly good times for the last 100 years.
Hem Madappa

Mobile number: +91 93417 35972
                            +91 98450 01463
Residence: 08272 235441

Uday Muthanna

Mobile numbers:
+91 93413 05423 / +91 73492 65423
Residence: 08272 235126

The number of the Cloud Valley guesthouse, though it is not manned at all times is: 08272 235520.

Note: Most travellers to Coorg break their journey at Bylekuppe just after Periyapatna, where one of the largest Tibetan settlements in South India exists. A sprawling Buddhist temple and monastery here will keep you engrossed with beautiful architecture and paintings. You can shop for Tibetan handicrafts and carpets.

The only ATMs here are in Madikeri town.

Please print this out for your convenience.



How to get to Cloud Valley, Coorg

The route from Bangalore to Mercara (or Madikeri)

If you’re driving up, here are a few tips to make your journey easier.

Mysore is 140 km from Bangalore, and Madikeri is 120 km from Mysore.

You can reduce driving time by at least half an hour, if you turn off into a short cut immediately after the bridge at Srirangapatna. Otherwise you will need to reach the edges of Mysore, turn right at the ring road, and have to find the exit to Madikeri.

To make the drive quicker, after you pass the Srirangapatna bridge, continue to drive for a few minutes till you see a temple on your right. You will see a road that leaves the highway and goes around the temple, as you make the turn you will also see a road sign that says the same road leads to ‘Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary’.

Take this road till it reaches Ilwala on the Mysore-Mercara road. Stay on the main, straight road and don’t take any of the diversions till you reach Ilwala.


Before Hunsur on the road to Mercara (or Madikeri) you will come to a fork in the road with signboards. Take the road leading to Kushalnagar and Madikeri. It usually takes 4 to 5 hours to Madikeri by car.


Madikeri to Cherambane

This bit of picturesque drive is 24 km.

If driving from Bangalore, when you reach Madikeri town limits simply continue down the road till you reach General Thimmaiah Circle. There is a pedestal there with a black stone statue of the General Thimmaiah on top of it.

Behind the statue and to your left, you will see a petrol bunk. Now look even further to your left and you will see a road descending down past another petrol bunk. This is the road to Cloud Valley.

This road is called the Bhagamandala road (it is also the road that leads to Mangalore). Go down this road for about 3 km and at Thalathmane you will come to a steep left hairpin bend. Take this bend to the left and you are on the way to Cherambane. The same road also leads to Talacauvery. Mercara to Cherambane is a 35 minute drive.

The names of the villages you will cross on the way are Appangla, Bettageri, Kargunda and then Cherambane.


From Cherambane to Cloud Valley

As you enter Cherambane you will see a red post box and the signboard of the post office, on your right. The post office too is a tiled-roof building.

Opposite the post office, and to your left, you will see a liquor store called Mithra Wines. Immediately after Mithra Wines is the road that will take you to Cloud Valley.

Drive down this road and you will (in about a minute) come to a fork in the road, take the road to the left at the fork.

A total of 2.5 km from the turn off at Cherambane, you will come upon the Cloud Valley gate on your right. A little shed with a tiled roof is just inside the gate. Please see the image gallery for a photo of the gate, so you’ll recognise it easily. This is the entrance to Cloud Valley, feel free to open the gate and drive in.

  One of your hosts will be glad to meet you at Cherambane and have you follow their vehicle to Cloud Valley.

Please call when you leave Madikeri for Cloud Valley, so either of them can drive out to meet you.

Please call us when you reach Madikeri.

Please do call either of your hosts Hem Madappa or Uday Muthanna from Madikeri to tell him you're reaching soon. (It’s a 35 minute drive to Cherambane village.)

Mobile phone connections work sporadically in the hills and Madikeri is the best place to let one of them know you're reaching soon.

This is especially important if you reach much earlier or much later than you’re expected. The numbers are above.


If coming by bus

Mercara is 6 to 6 1/2 hours from Bangalore. 3 hours from Mysore and ditto for Mangalore.

When you reach Mercara you can hire a jeep or car to bring you to Cloud Valley. Please ask us for the current fare.

Show them the instructions above so they can bring you here easily, without stopping to ask for directions.

If you wish a Cloud Valley approved transport operator in Madikeri, can pick you up at the bus stand, with a jeep, or car. Just let us know when you want to be picked up.

You can take a bus to Cherambane unless you reach Madikeri at a time when buses are not available. That is before 6 am or after 6 pm. Just make enquiries at the private bus stand about buses to Cherambane. The buses going to Bhagamandala and Talacauvery usually touch Cherambane.

We can pick you up at Cherambane, please inform us when you are seated in the bus at Madikeri.

If you choose to walk the distance, it’s 2.5 km. You could of course get a jeep to bring you here. Please ask us for the current fare.




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